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Ready to amaze your colleagues? Try this floating bonsai tree for desk perfection

The Hoshinchu Team designers have taken bonsai trees into the realms of science fiction with the Air Bonsa

Bin the succulents, that craze is yesterday’s news. Office plants have a new trendsetter and this one quite literally takes things up a notch. Floating a couple of centimetres above any competition.

The Hoshinchu Team designers have taken bonsai trees into the realms of science fiction with the Air Bonsai. Finding a way to float a small bonsai tree above a base.

The bottom non-floating half is the “energy base” and the moss ball holding the bonsai the “little star”. Magnets in each part enable the little star to float the bonsai tree 2 centimetres above the base.

There are various designs of the handmade porcelain energy bases and it is possible to upgrade the mossy little star to one made from a lightweight lava stone from the Sakurajima Volcano. The moss ball is made from living moss with a foam sponge to which soil and the plant are added.

Funded with a massively successful Kickstarter campaign, raising over $700,000 when the target was for $80,000, estimated delivery is August 2016. Although raising much more than their target has meant that many options are already sold out.

A $10,000 (£7,000) pledge creates the opportunity to travel to the Air Bonsai Craft Workshop and Bonsai garden in Japan for a personalised tour. Travel and accommodation is included as is the chance to take an energy base and little star home to impress all of your colleagues, friends and family. If this is a little beyond your office plant budget, a $200 (£140) pledge gets you the Air Bonsai Basic set and the ultimate desk top conversation starter.

Unfortunately, Japanese export regulations mean that the bonsai trees are not provided. However, these are not difficult to source. Bonsai are said to have a calming influence on the mind and spirit, helping to relieve stress.

If further justification for the spend is required, Dr Craig Knight has studied the psychology of working environments for 12 years. His research has shown that plants in the office increase productivity and lower stress. Enriching an office space with plants improves workplace satisfaction, self-reported concentration levels and perceptions of air quality.

Big corporations believe the science, Facebook has 400 trees in its Californian HQ and plan how to drive us crazy with Candy Crush and Bubble Witch under palm trees. With a floating bonsai tree on your desk, could you be one step closer to global domination?

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