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White lies on your CV? These highly successful people were caught in the act

Fortunately, most of us suppress the urge and let our real lives do the talking. But not all of us do

We have all had that fleeting moment when we realise just how easy it would be to bump up a grade or add that little extra bit of experience to help us to produce a truly dynamic CV.

1. Frank Abagnale

Master fraudster Frank Abagnale, who was the inspiration for the film Catch Me If You Can, has to be considered among the most infamous fibbers of all time.

Throughout his illustrious life Abagnale posed as both a doctor and a pilot after falsifying qualifications, including a law transcript from Harvard University.

2. Jeffery Archer

Controversial author and former MP Archer claimed to hold an undergraduate degree from none other than Oxford University.

In reality, he only possessed a far less prestigious Diploma of Education from Oxford’s Department for Education.

3. Gordon Ramsay

Scottish foul-mouthed chef Ramsay claims to have played football for his home town, Glasgow Rangers football team.

However, it has now come to light that Ramsay has merely played in one testimonial match for the club.

4. Lee McQueen

In 2008, McQueen won £100,000 under Alan Sugar by beating 15 other candidates on the BBC’s The Apprentice.

It turned out, however, towards the end of the show, that the two years McQueen had supposedly spent at university was actually just two months.

4. Scott Thompson

Yahoo chief executive Thompson was revealed to have embellished his academic credentials and subsequently lost his job in 2012.

It was discovered that Thompson couldn’t possibly hold a computer science degree from Stonehill College because the course hadn’t even been created when he supposedly graduated.

5. Jack Grubman

Grubman was a Wall Street analyst who was considered one of the very best – at one point he made a reported £20 million a year.

But Grubman was outed as a liar; rather than stating it was Boston University from which he had actually graduated, he chose the highly prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

6. Dennis O’Riordan

O’Riordan, who was known as the ‘Walter Mitty’ lawyer resigned from renowned international law firm Paul Hastings when his true academic background was revealed.

The 51-year-old had neither the Oxford University first class degree, nor the Harvard University master’s degree he once claimed.

7. Stephen Wilce

Wilce, a chief military scientist in New Zealand, was outed by 60 minutes for a series of lies which had helped him climb the ladder.

He had once claimed that not only was he part of teams at both MI5 and MI6, but also that he was an Olympic-level bobsledder.

8. David Tovar

Walmart’s corporate communications vice president Tovar was forced to resign after it was revealed he did not possess a degree.

A background check revealed that Tovar did not perform well enough to graduate from the University of Delaware, even though he spent four years there.

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