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19 prestigious jobs with less-than-prestigious salaries

New study reveals that many prestigious job titles are not providing the income that might be expected

Many young people will opt to go to university in the hope that they will be rewarded with a high-paying job; however, according to research conducted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, low earnings are being received by those with more respected job titles.

Credit analyst

Requiring at least a bachelor’s degree, this job pays an average salary of £55,320.


The minimum requirement for this job is a bachelor’s degree; however, many accountants will go on to get a master’s degree and become chartered. The average salary for accountants is £52,240.


With most legislators holding a bachelor’s degree, these roles involve becoming elected into position. Full-time employees are rewarded with a salary of £29,510.

Surgical technologist

An associate degree is required in this position and many surgical technologists will be involved in assisting doctors during surgeries. Their annual salary is £31,880.

Graphic designer

A bachelor’s degree in graphic design is normally the route into this position, which provides average annual earnings of £35,830.

Head chef

While no degrees are needed in this job, most will have attended some kind of culinary school. The average salary is £31,860.

Family and marriage counsellor

A doctorate or master’s degree is normally required for this role and the average salary is £37,140.


A bachelor’s degree followed by extensive training is needed to be employed as an optometrist. Unlike paediatricians, who are earning $183,180 (£127,110) a year, optometrists are taking home an average salary of £79,920.


The majority of historians will hold a master’s degree; however, some positions may require a doctoral degree, with the average historian earning £42,410.

Biomedical engineer

This role requires a bachelor’s degree and involves finding new solutions in medicine and biology. The average salary is £63,300.

Zoologist or marine biologist

Most positions require a PhD, while some will offer entry-level positions with a master’s. These positions earn an average salary of £44,570.


An English or journalism bachelor’s degree is often sought-after and will provide editors with a salary of £45,050.

Web developer

A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field is normally required and the salary for this role averages £49,040.

Genetic counsellor

Some will undertake a PhD, while most will have a master’s degree. Once achieved, genetic counsellors will take home £51,740 on average.

Architect or surveyor

Most positions require a bachelor’s and master’s degree and an intense five-year training programme before becoming qualified. Once achieved, these positions pay £51,750.

Budget analyst

Some institutions will require a master’s, but many will accept a bachelor’s degree. Helping organisations with their finances, budget analysts are paid £52,150 a year on average.

College professors

Some professors will have a master’s, but many will have a PhD. The average professor is rewarded with a salary of £53,760.


Chemists will have a bachelor’s degree as a minimum, with most having a master’s or PhD. The average salary is £54,030.


A doctoral degree is required in most cases due to the nature of this position. The average salary for a psychologist is £54,090.

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