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The three recruitment trends dominating modern HR

In today’s fast-paced and frenetic society, it seems that recruitment is evolving as rapidly as the lifestyles we lead

Just as society is becoming more and more dominated by instant gratification by way of information and a growing consumer expectation for immediate results, so it seems that recruitment agencies are seeing a rapid evolution in HR, reflecting the same fast-paced cultural shift that is affecting our society overall.

Through innovations such as the world wide web, smartphones and apps, society is growing to expect to gain the information it wants, in the right format, at the right time. We are no longer willing to wait patiently for news stories to break or to access information through traditional routes such as visiting the library or purchasing a book. In the same way, recruitment is evolving to expect that the brands they work with will present information swiftly and be permanently available.

Expectations on modern jobseekers: be proactive

Recruitment firms are no longer willing to invest time, money and energy in seeking out potential candidates for key roles; instead, there is a growing appetite out there for jobseekers who are proactive in self-marketing to make sure they have a high-profile presence and are easy to locate. By leveraging the power of social media, being accessible through proactive face-to-face meetings and developing a clear and unique brand to represent their skills, modern jobseekers are realising the power of self-marketing in attracting recruiters and landing their ideal roles.

Advice for the recruitment industry: time to get strategic

HR optimisation is changing the way in which savvy recruiters are working. Rather than shying away from technology, the HR industry is turning to innovative ways of harvesting data to optimise its recruitment approach. Data scientists are creating models of employment that span the analysis of job satisfaction, success factors and patterns to create sophisticated recruitment models that challenge traditional practices and forge new paths in the industry.

Being real is valued above being skilled

Despite the increased trend for predicative analysis and data modelling, or perhaps directly as a result, recruiters are drawn to personality above prowess. This means jobseekers will be more successful if they present themselves with honesty and show a level of personable engagement far beyond the traditional interview/response candidacy vetting process. Employers want to gain a sense of who you are beyond your CV; therefore, jobseekers who are able to engage with recruiters and demonstrate a viable and dynamic personality are valued more than ever before.

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