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Part-time jobs with full-time earning potential

According to a new report, decent wages and careers can be achieved without working long hour

If you are looking for part-time work and think your safest bet is pulling pints in your local pub or waitressing at your local restaurant, think again. According to a new report, decent wages and careers can be achieved without working long hours.

With over eight million people now working part-time, more people than ever have swapped the dreaded nine to five in favour of a better work-life balance, gaining more time for themselves and their family or earning a little extra cash whilst they are studying. Although the price of living has risen and wages have remained stagnant, new data from Glassdoor indicates that slaving away for hours on end does not have to be the way, with several high-paying part-time roles available; in fact, the average full-time salary is exceeded by some of the jobs at the top of this list.

Which are the best-paying jobs?

If you are looking for work that will still enable you to enjoy your life, you need to look towards education. People working within this field are taking home the biggest pay cheques for their part-time efforts, with lecturers taking the top spot on this list. £36,513 is the average salary for a part-time lecturer, with the list also featuring teaching assistants and tutors in the top 10.

Diarmuid Russell, head of international at Glassdoor, said that lecturers are often entrepreneurs or successful business people who are brought into education facilities due to their knowledge of the arts, politics and the world of business. Even those who do not have experience within the private sector have opportunities available if they have the right background and skills within the academic sector.

On the other hand, those who find themselves frequently short-changed are those juggling roles in the catering industry. A median salary of £14,400 is taken home by restaurant managers, whilst £13,600 is pocketed by baristas.

Glassdoor conducted the survey using data that had been anonymously shared on their marketplace, taking the total medium, annual base salary for part-time positions across the UK.

Top of the class

According to the report, the top ten part-time roles are:

  1. Lecturer – £36,513
  2. Business analyst – £28,800
  3. Research assistant – £21,370
  4. Teaching assistant – £20,300
  5. Warehouse worker – £16,800
  6. Tutor – £16,500
  7. Brand ambassador – £15,020
  8. Beauty consultant – £15,000
  9. Office assistant – £14,560
  10. Front desk manager – £14,520

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