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19 easy psychological techniques to clinch that perfect job

Psychology can be a real advantage to securing your dream job

You have managed to get over the first hurdle and impressed a company with your CV. Now it’s time to sparkle at the interview.

1. What to wear

Your outfit is the very first impression you will make. Colours subliminally tell a story. A splash of colour can make you memorable. However, avoid orange, as 25% of HR professionals regard it as unprofessional.

2. Timing

Schedule the interview for mid-morning Tuesday to Thursday, as this is when the interviewer is at their most relaxed and receptive.

3. Interview starts at reception

Don’t underestimate the impression that you make on the receptionist and other employees you encounter. A small interaction can prompt a discussion about you with HR in a favourable manner.

4. Warm hands!

If offered a hot drink, do take it. Even if you don’t drink it, warm hands give a friendly confident vibe.

5. Manners makes the man

Always address the interviewer by name, as it shows a willingness by you to engage on a personal level.

6. Body Language

Reflect the body language of the other party, to show that you are interested in what they are saying and mirroring their sentiments.

7. You are their future

Don’t just focus on your past achievements, adapt them to show how you would use them if you got the job. Own the job.

8. Coach yourself

To avoid nervous habits, prepare a mental checklist and go through it in your mind during the interview.

9. Praise the company

Find a project that interests you and praise it, to show that you are passionate about what the company does.

10. Take your time

Thinking about an answer is not a weakness. It actually shows an intelligent and considered approach to problem solving.

11. To err is human

Everyone makes mistakes, and acknowledging them and finding a solution shows true strength. Problem solving is a highly sought-after attribute.

12. Why me?

Ask why you got the interview. This will focus on the positive qualities in your CV that made you a candidate.

13. Enthusiasm is infectious

Being passionate about past jobs demonstrates commitment and loyalty.

14. Less is more

Spot the interest levels of an interviewer when you are talking and learn to stop if it seems to be waning.

15. Fear is not a weakness

It is acceptable to mention that you are nervous or anxious. It can be seen as a sign that you are keen about the position.

16. Know your worth

It is easier to negotiate down rather than up. Research salaries so that if you’re asked, you can ask for more than the average, following up with reasons why you are worth it.

17. Bond

Try and find something that you have in common with the interviewer. This creates a personal connection that will make the meeting more memorable.

18. Who first?

Always allow the interviewer to speak first. This gives a sense of trust and shows that they are in control of the meeting.

19. Enjoy

Whatever the outcome, interviews are a learning process. Being focused on the positives of attending will allow you to be a relaxed candidate.

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