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Do you see these warning signs? If so, it’s time to find a new job

When you take on a new job, you will know very quickly whether it is for you

It is relatively easy to leave without any problems during the probation period; however, once you have decided to stay, it is easy to get comfortable enough not to notice that you are becoming an unhappy employee.

It is never wise to stay in a workplace in which you do not feel satisfied. Displeased workers tend not to give full dedication to their job and negativity can be counterproductive. Should you be thinking about leaving, it is best to do so whilst you are still doing a satisfactory job rather than waiting until you have reached your breaking point.

How do you know when it is time to move on? There are the obvious signs, such as feeling demotivated, bored and not appreciated at work; in addition, wishing for a new role, more challenge or a more senior position are all good indicators. Putting up with these issues is never a good idea, as you will start to hate Mondays and find every reason to call in sick, leaving a bad mark against your reputation.

There are also hidden negative signs that suggest you must start job hunting, which may seem harmless at first but can be dangerous. Activities that provide a level of comfort, such as increasing alcohol consumption, drug use, chain-smoking and over- or under-eating are clearly undesirable and can cause you physical and mental health complications in the long run; in addition, you may find it difficult to get to sleep, causing sleep deprivation and lack of concentration. These actions may wrongly be attributed to other obstacles in your life rather than associated with dissatisfaction at work.

These flags can result in depression, anxiety, argumentative and aggressive behaviour, stress, irritability and bad moods. It is imperative to take control of your situation and the first step is to correctly identify the cause and then take the appropriate action. Where this is work related, these are clear signs that it is time to secure a different job.

This may seem terrifying for some, as finding a new role takes time, effort and confidence. It also means change and not everybody is comfortable with this thought. Luckily, there is help out there.

There are plenty of sources, in person and online, to help you to achieve your goals. To improve your chances of finding a new role, get on social media, start networking, and create a LinkedIn profile that showcases your achievements and projects. Talk to friends and connections who you think can assist you in your mission.

We all have the capability to land our ideal job. Be confident, know what it is that you want and engage with others, creating a strong foundation on which to secure your next job.

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