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Five of the best jobs for introverts (keep them quiet!)

It is obvious to anyone who has worked with other people that not everyone is the same

Some of us prefer to keep to ourselves, enjoying our own company and finding social situations stressful. What are the best jobs to aim for if you are a self-confessed introvert who would like nothing better than to hide away in an office, performing your job well but quietly?

We don’t all enjoy socialising, meeting new people or talking in front of a crowd; indeed, for some of us, networking, speaking in public and selling ourselves to other people is the stuff of nightmares. It has been estimated that at least half of us are introverts, which means that around 50 per cent of people of working age would prefer a job that does not force them into potentially painful positions. What sort of jobs make introverts happy?

According to Tony Lee, publisher of career advice and job listing website CareerCast, there are a number of jobs perfectly suited to those with a more introverted personality. Here are just five of them:


If you like working mainly alone but surrounded by documents and artefacts, a job as an archivist may suit you down to the ground. There are plenty of archivist positions, ranging from those in auction houses to museums, which would particularly suit those people who like order and organisation and have methodical minds.

Medical records staff

Another job suited to someone who likes organisation, medical records staff, sometimes called health records staff, are responsible for organising the records of patients’ medical histories, their symptoms and diagnoses. Health records staff in the NHS can work in a range of clinical and non-clinical areas, such as hospital wards, GP surgeries and NHS trusts.

Animal carer

If you enjoy the company of animals more than people, a job working with animals in some capacity would be ideal. There are a number of such jobs, ranging from working in a kennels or animal shelter to a vet’s or even a pet store. In many of these roles, interaction with human beings is kept to a minimum, while there is plenty of time spent looking after the animals.

Court reporter

Although often part of a general reporter’s job, in which case introverts would do pretty badly, a specialised court reporter simply takes notes throughout court proceedings without having to interview anyone. If you have an eye for detail, a basic grasp of how to write clearly and concisely and like keeping yourself to yourself, this role may well suit you.


Are you fascinated by the stars and the universe, with an interest in observing, recording and explaining them? Astronomers typically spend their working days glued to either a telescope or reams of data, researching the mysterious ways of the universe. Although there would be some interaction with other scientists, this is still a role that scientific introverts would love.

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  1. Being an introvert sometimes i find expressing myself difficult. I know i am not the only one. Its just like hurdle while choosing the right career. Here you have shared some of the best career for introverts, it will be helpful for all introverts to choose among best career options.Thanks for sharing!

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    Informative article!
    Being an introverts i always find myself difficult in expressing so i feel being introvert is being a hurdle in choosing the right career, then it’s time to think on a different tangent. Hence i was looking for various careers/jobs available and here i have found it very well. Thanks for this article!

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