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Shh! Five more of the best jobs for introverts

Recent research shows around 50% of us have introverted personalities, meaning we prefer our own company to socialising with others

This means some 50% of people of working age would not be happy in a job where they are required to network, push themselves or their company forward and interact with other human beings on a daily basis.

If you identify as an introvert, should you purposefully force yourself into a career where your personality is continually challenged and ultimately strained, or should you instead pursue a role that suits your shy and quiet temperament? Only you can answer this question – it all depends on what you want out of life. Should you choose the latter, here are five more jobs that would suit an introverted person:

Film/video editor

A role that is much in demand in these high-technology days, a film or video editor is responsible for assembling and putting together recorded material into a finished product suitable for broadcasting. You may be working on adverts, music videos or even television or films, using dialogue, camera footage, graphics, sound effects and special effects. This well-paid and highly technical role is suited to those with good visual skills.

Social media manager

Another role that is highly sought-after in the modern age, a social media manager’s job is to arrange, organise and accurately schedule social media content for individuals, businesses and organisations. The irony is that social media requires no actual, real-life social interaction, making it highly suited to those who enjoy working at a computer all day without going out into the ‘real world.’


Suitable for anyone with a scientific interest in the make-up of the world, geoscience involves interpreting a wide range of data with the objective of discovering exploitable and commercially viable reserves of natural resources, such as gas, oil, minerals and water. They can therefore work in a variety of different industries. Although there is some human contact involved, much of the day-to-day work involves field work and analysing data.

Industrial machine repairer

People with a technical mind may like to work with machines rather than human beings. Industrial machinery mechanics and machinery maintenance workers are responsible for adjusting and calibrating equipment in factories and other locations, helping to keep them working. There could be some travel involved between locations, but there would be little interaction with people.

Financial clerk

If you are good with figures, you may want to consider a career in the financial sector. A financial clerk helps to keep track of a company’s money, carrying out administrative work for firms in banking and insurance. There could be some interaction with people, but many roles will simply involve number-crunching; therefore, this is ideal for the introvert who loved maths in school.

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