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Revealed: Facebook’s million-dollar interview question

Miranda Kalinowski, the global head of recruiting at Facebook, has revealed one of the most popular questions pitted to potential employees

Do you ever spend so much time on Facebook in the office that you secretly wonder whether you would be better off joining the Silicon Valley giant’s team? The famously secretive company has now offered a peek into its fabled recruitment process by revealing one of its most popular interview questions.

Miranda Kalinowski, the global head of recruiting at Facebook, has revealed one of the most popular questions pitted to potential employees: ‘On your very best day at work – the day you come home and think you have the best job in the world – what did you do that day?’

The correct answer would show the employee’s passion for Facebook’s company ethos, which is making the world a more connected place. Successful applicants display their passion for furthering Facebook’s extraordinary ubiquity worldwide. The website has over one billion monthly users and has remained free to use since its inception.

In an interview with Business Insider, Kalinowski explained the importance of such questions in Facebook’s recruitment process. As connection is at the heart of Facebook’s product, it also needs to be at the heart of its company. By encouraging candidates to display their personalities in the interview process, recruiters can identify the kinds of employees they connect with and who will be an ambassador for their brand.

Facebook’s legendary founder, the visionary Mark Zuckerberg, is just as keen to find employees who share his passion to connect the world’s five billion people. For Zuckerberg, this means skills come second to something a little harder to quantify – an infectious desire to continue Facebook’s mission. Not only is he looking for people who believe in his views on social media but also people who actively go out and practice them.

Kalinowski’s insight is perhaps unsurprising for those familiar with the company’s rigid hiring techniques. Potential employees undergo as many as five interviews before being offered a position, with phone calls supplementing traditional interviews. Successful applicants rarely disclose Facebook’s recruitment secrets.

Tech companies and startups could benefit from taking a leaf out of Facebook’s book, as nothing is more powerful for people-focused businesses than smart hiring based on potential connections. For those marketing a particular product, especially those in social media, finding people with the enthusiasm and passion to further your brand is key. Identifying dynamic, tech-savvy candidates is the first step towards creating long-term success.

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