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The 20 hardest interview questions in the UK revealed – could you answer them?

Glassdoor outlines twenty tricky interview questions you should be prepared to answer

You’ve sorted your outfit, researched the role and company, practised your interview technique in front of the mirror and then out of the blue, the interviewer asks a question which completely throws you.

You’re not alone in this heart-pounding scenario… everyday potential candidates face questions which almost can never be prepared for, however – that doesn’t mean you can’t answer them.

David Whitby, UK country manager at recruitment site Glassdoor says, “Preparing for an interview thoroughly means being ready for anything, even a curveball question not directly related to the job,”

“Remember, it’s not necessarily about getting the right answer, more how you cope under pressure.”

Glassdoor dug into its database and selected the 20 hardest questions asked in Britain, to help you to prepare for what to expect.

  1. “What on your CV is the closest thing to a lie?” – Marketing and Communications Employee, The Phoenix Partnership
  2. “What am I thinking right now?” – Regional Director, TES Global
  3. “How would your enemy describe you?” – Advertising Sales Grad Scheme, Condé Nast
  4. “If you had a friend who was great for a job and an identical person who was just as good, but your friend earned you £2,000 less, who would you give the job to?” – Associate Recruitment Consultant, Hays plc
  5. “What’s the most selfish thing you’ve ever done?” – Graduate Consultant, PageGroup
  6. “You are stranded on the moon with a group of other astronauts and you need to travel 200 miles back to base, here is a list of 15 items salvaged from the wreckage of the spacecraft you were travelling in. List them in order of importance.” – Sales Employee, Turnstone Sales
  7. “If your best friend was here what advice would he give you?” – CCP, American Express
  8. “Describe your biggest weakness. Then describe another.” – Forward Deployed Software Engineer, Palantir Technologies
  9. “How do you cope with repetition?” – Product Specialist, Tesla Motors
  10. “How would you describe cloud computing to a 7 year old?” – Graduate Scheme, Microsoft
  11. “There are three people, each with different salaries, and they want to find the average of them without telling any of the other two their salary. How do they do it?” – Technical Delivery Graduate, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
  12. “Who is your hero, and why?” – Product Quality Employee, GE
  13. “What’s your the biggest regret managing people so far?” – Area Director, Regus
  14. “What would you ask the CEO if you met him one day?” – Performance Analyst, British Airways
  15. “You have 50 red and 50 blue objects. Split these however you like between two containers to give the minimum/maximum probability of drawing one of the colours” – Operations Analyst, Clearwater Analytics
  16. “What does social justice mean to you?” – Content Marketing Manager, ThoughtWorks
  17. “What is your coping mechanism when you have a bad day?” – Consultant, Switch Consulting
  18. “Are you a nice guy?” – Product Manager, Badoo
  19. “Provide an estimate for the number of goals in the premier league.” – Management Accountant, VAX
  20. “Tell me about your childhood.” – Learning and Development Employee, Next

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One comment

  1. 1) Education. There is sits, thinking its a done deal, but it’s a process that’s never finished. How can i describe my education, when most of it hasn’t happened yet.
    2) Well, as half the time people under 40 are thinking about sex, its either that, or something else. Let’s just hope its the latter.
    3) Carefully
    4) dull
    5) I once ate two seafood platters in a day at the Boston Oyster House. Oh, “selfish”? I’ll stick with my first answer.
    6) Do we go to the moon often in this job, cos I’m not very good with flying?
    7) Eat more broccoli. He’s always saying that, like a broken record i tell you.
    8) Kicking… and Screaming. No, Guns and…Roses. No… Sonny and Cher!
    9) So so
    10) It’s someone else’s computer.
    11) I’d say to the first person, if I asked the other one which door it was, what would he say, and then I’d go through the other one. I’m prepped for all those questions.
    12) Invisible Man, I ,mean, who wouldn’t?
    13) Oh I hope my biggest regret is yet to come
    14) Lend me a tenner Willie
    15) Either way Donald Trump will say he got the most
    16) Well social is about people getting together, and justice is about the morally right thing. So social justice is literally an excuse to party.
    17) I tell myself not to get stressed, as tomorrow will be worse.
    18) I can do naughty if you prefer
    19) 2 in each match. One at either end of the pitch, usually painted white with netting attached.
    20) Rather like Question 1, I’m not even half way through yet.

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