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Here’s the most passive aggressive notes left by office workers… and they’ll make you laugh

Avoiding confrontation by leaving notes for co-workers around the office were met with hilarious responses

From flushing the toilet to petty arguments about mess, here are 11 times office arguments were aired by the passive-aggressive note:

  1. Check mate

{Image credit: TNI Press}

  1. Waiting for the complaint to ketchup with them

{Image credit: TNI Press}

  1. Dish-respectful

{Image credit: TNI Press}

  1. Show and spell

{Image credit: TNI Press}

  1. iMoan

{Image credit: TNI Press}

  1. They got a lot of stick for this

{Image credit: TNI Press}

  1. Water mistake

{Image credit: TNI Press}

  1. Incr-Ed-ible

{Image credit: TNI Press}

  1. The meaning of life

{Image credit: TNI Press}

  1. Un-font-unate

{Image credit: TNI Press}

  1. Mugged off

{Image credit: TNI Press}

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