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Reasons why you need plants in your office

Lots of offices are in places in which there is no green space; sometimes, employees cannot even see green space from the window

What better way to improve employee morale and their mental and physical health than to include some greenery inside the office? 

Here we look at how your office can benefit from the power of plants and why bringing the outside into your office could be just what your workplace needs.

Improving the workplace

How a workplace looks and feels to those who work there, and to those who visit, is important. The presence of plants can make an office environment feel more comfortable and they generally make a space feel more welcoming and bright. In addition to how they look, plants can reduce background noise, which means that employees are not as easily distracted and are therefore more productive.

Environmental benefits

The presence of plants in an office space can have a massive environmental impact by improving the environment for employees and visitors. Plants that are put in the right place can reduce the need for air conditioning, while the impact of toxins that can be present in workplaces from cleaning, carpets and furniture can also be greatly reduced. Plants can reduce CO2, mould and dust; therefore, the overall air quality improves with the presence of plants.

Helping employers

Where plants are present in the workplace, employees are known to be more productive. The fact that plants can reduce excessive amounts of carbon dioxide in the air means that employees find it easier to concentrate and are likely to make fewer mistakes. The presence of plants in the workplace can also reduce the amount of workplace illness and absenteeism, with less absent employees meaning better productivity.

Helping employees

In addition to the business benefits of plants in the workplace for employers, employees also benefit. There are well-documented stress-relieving benefits to having plants in an office, including making offices more relaxed places to be and helping to lift the mood and spirit of employees. Plants can also have an effect on the skin, reducing dry skin by up to 20 per cent, and can improve the mood of employees, making them happier, calmer and more creative.

If you had any doubt about the benefit of plants on the office environment, hopefully this has put paid to it. Plants are good for the office environment, for the outside environment, and for the health and wellbeing of both businesses and employees.

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