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Brexit and business

Recruiters looking to fill this gap are experimenting with a number of options

Free movement of labour is set to end come 2019 as the conservatives drawn a line in the sand on matters of immigration. This is leaving recruiters in the UK with a conundrum, how do we fill the whole of EU workers?

Abattoir ‘s in the UK are overwhelming reliant on vets from the EU, 10% of all midwives in the UK are from the EU and farms are increasingly dependent on seasonal workers from the EU for fruit picking duties. Come 2019 we will be able to feel the effects of Brexit on our food and our healthcare, and industries will be feeling the impact on their business.

Recruiters looking to fill this gap are experimenting with a number of options but facing the facts in order to survive in this ever-global market foreign workers are going to have to factor in. Sponsorship Licences are looking to be a saviour for those looking for talent in the EU in 2019.

What is a Sponsorship Licence?

A sponsorship licence enables a business to sponsor any worker on a tier 2-5 visa working in the UK, it takes a few weeks to apply for one and as long as your business hasn’t been convicted of immigration offences or fraud and money laundering. You’ll be able to provide job offers for skilled workers with long term job offers and temporary, seasonal workers depending on your business’s needs. The process is a lot less convoluted than the Home Office website would have you believe and with the help of an immigration expert, the whole process can be done in a matter of weeks leaving you ready to start employing the best talent possible.

Looking to the future

The government is promising that the UK will remain a hub for international talent but very precautions have been put in place to ensure continuing EU recruitment. For small companies struggling to keep up a sponsorship licence could mean the difference between recruiting top talent and falling behind their international competitors.

Katie Beech, PR,

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