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Disclosure. What recruiters and candidates don’t like sharing.

We all like to keep information confidential, but is this helping the job search or making things worse?

In recruitment, in many instances there remains an element of secrecy, from both sides so you see the following situation often:-

Recruiter – Will not disclose the name of the hiring company to the candidate in fear of that information getting out to other recruiters, or the candidate going direct.

Candidate – Will not disclose what they earn to the recruiter, but wants the advertised salary of the new role. They fear that disclosing a much lower salary means they won’t get the role, or not at that pay rate anyway.

How much harm is this doing to the hirer, the recruiter and the candidate? Each has their reasons when they keep information confidential, but is that having an impact or is it just an annoyance?

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Candidates may not fully appreciate that not disclosing their current salary will be detrimental when their application is being considered by the hirer. Hirers want to know the facts about the candidate, all of them, so non disclosure of your salary may not have the benefits you perceive.

Conversely, many recruiters feel that it’s not important for a candidate to know the name of the hiring company early on. But with this approach, their client could argue that their ability to deliver employer banding is limited, as many candidates feel that knowing the hirer would have a bearing on their decision to take a role, so they need to know in advance.

We all like to keep information confidential, but is this helping the job search or making things worse? The recruiter/candidate relationship must be closer so all parties feel comfortable about sharing, in the knowledge that information will not be abused or used in any way to harm the other party.

Finding a new role for a candidate changes their life, so this has to be a relationship full of trust from both sides for it to reach its true potential.

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