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Do you only relax for 36 minutes a day? The average worker in the UK does

But it isn’t always about the break but rather what workers do in the break

A study by PG Tips green tea shows that Brits are the most stressed out due to the general pressures of work, life and money with the average person only managing to relax properly for little more than half an hour per day. In a 37 hour working week, this equates to only 3 hours of break time.

The half hour doesn’t seem to be a proper and effective rest as nearly half of all workers having said ‘break’ will continue to peruse social media, surf online, pay their bills and even spend extra money shopping. In their home environment, a quarter of people will watch television for ‘relaxation’ and nearly a third are either talking or texting on the phone.

The study of 2000 working people discovered that 75% of people felt overworked as well as feeling that they had no time for themselves to relax or to do the things they enjoy. 90% of workers felt that they never took a break during the working day.

Nearly a third of workers revealed that they had not managed to have an effective break or considerable time in which to recuperate and boost their energy levels in the last six months. This lack of proper and refreshing breaks is having a significant impact on business, with errors being made by tired and jaded workers on more days than not.

The PG Tips Green tea campaign is encouraging the nation to have useful breaks and actually stop for a few minutes to re-energise and refresh before continuing to work. The firm has produced a ‘green paper’ report which explores the power of the colour green, the psychological benefits and whether it can really influence our productivity and energy.

Further external positives are taken from the natural world and environment we live in, known more fashionably as ‘eco-therapy.’ Previous studies have shown that the colour green can benefit people both emotionally and physically. Time spent in parks and areas of greenery can induce relaxation and have a beneficial and worthwhile effect, helping to promote feelings of well-being and calm.

This ethos extends to the green foods we eat which do tend to be naturally healthier. And regarding our outside influences, consistent studies have shown that even the colour green used in the décor in a working environment can influence staff productivity in a positive way.

So, perhaps in order to feel fully refreshed and improve our mind-set, we can consider taking a proper technology free ‘green power’ break with, of course, a nice cup of green tea. It seems that short bursts of ‘green’ technology-free power breaks could make a big difference to the nation’s workforce with even 5-10 minutes proving to refresh body and mind.

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