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How to keep staff engaged and motivated after the EU referendum result

Demotivated and uninspired employees are not a new challenge faced by employers

Uninspired employees can come up against it every day, whether it is one or two people or the whole team; however, with so much debate and differing opinions surrounding Brexit, this challenge is only set to increase and it has never been more important for employers to develop and implement a strategy to keep their teams engaged.

Numerous research projects indicate that UK staff feel they are no longer involved in creative and innovative decisions and duties within their chosen place of work, whether this is a cafe, warehouse or office block.

The decision to leave the EU could see this problem increase, with over 60% of Brits already feeling disengaged from their nine to five. This poses a serious problem for companies, which will be likely to see a drop in productivity ultimately affecting their bottom line.

The win for the Leave campaign will clearly have a major impact and some serious implications for recruitment across all industries. Probation periods may be extended and company benefits such as pensions, parental leave and holiday entitlement could all see some form of change over the next few years.

This level of ongoing uncertainty will result in less employee movement, with many who were planning a new job search now staying put until the post-Brexit dust settles. This lack of movement of staff could increase employee disengagement even further, as staff may feel they have no options available to them and become stuck in a rut.

One recent report shows that only 16% of UK employees are motivated enough to go the extra mile when at work, either volunteering for extra responsibility although no reward is offered or by helping fellow colleagues during periods of heavy workloads. This represents a drop of 5% in as little as one year.

Most employees want to try new experiences and challenge themselves, but unfortunately their employers are not providing them with opportunities to do so. The main reasons people choose to leave an organisation are this lack of challenge, poor people management and few career prospects. This lack of opportunity will see many employers eventually losing their best members of staff and will have a detrimental effect on their organisation that could be irreparable.

For many organisations, Brexit will cause a recruitment freeze. With less staff taking the risk to move to a new job, it is vital that employers focus their energy into injecting new life into their existing work force. All organisations need to create a motivated, engaged team of employees who feel they have prospects and are experiencing self-growth in their role, thus bringing new ideas to the organisation and increasing productivity.

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