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The interview look: how to dress to impress

With a few basic tips you can ensure that you have a head start in making yourself memorable from the very first handshake

Unless you are tipped off beforehand, the chances are that you will need to be somewhat intuitive when it comes to choosing your outfit for a job interview. How you appear when you first meet your interviewer can help to solidify their initial thoughts about you; therefore, your attire needs to be on the mark.

Preparation and research

You will be doing research about the company and its overarching business processes before the interview, of course, which will enable you to feel confident in talking about how you would be an asset. Extend this by researching the company’s culture. Speak to someone in HR about the dress code, if possible, which will not only give you a head start in looking the part but also you will come across as resourceful and an eager candidate.

Comfortable equals confident

We are at our most outwardly confident when we feel comfortable; therefore, this should be the bottom line when choosing interview clothing. It is all very well having a razor-sharp suit and glossy shoes; however, if you feel uncomfortable, this will show in your body language. The same goes for wearing ill-fitting clothing – if you are worried about a seam ripping, you are not going to be fully focused on the interview.

Spend some time with self-care

Make sure you are well rested before an interview, getting an early night if possible. Dark circles and sluggish behaviour will overpower even the most perfect of outfits. Also make sure you pay attention to grooming. Your hair, face and hands should be clean, and never ignore basic hygiene.

The staple wardrobe

You don’t need to spend a fortune on an interview wardrobe, as a few staples can be put together for a complete professional look. Basics for men are likely to include smart T-shirts, long-sleeved formal shirts, chinos and smart jeans; meanwhile, basics for women are likely to include skirts, shirts/blouses and trousers. Depending on the season, a smart jacket or blazer in black will go with anything.


One of the most important things you can wear is a smile. Show the interviewer that you are enthusiastic and happy to be there. You are instantly more approachable and a happy exterior is far more likely to instil confidence, so flash those pearly whites.

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