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Enough is enough! Job seekers need an innovative solution to this problem

As job seekers we are completely frustrated with online job boards, our resumes may often be rejected by applicant tracking systems for reasons as simple as scanners not being able to read them properly or our key skills/experience not matching the search criteria exactly.

We keep having to enter our information over and over again and even after entering our criteria we are inundated with endless emails offering “opportunities” that do not match any of our requirements.

Enough is enough! Job seekers need an innovative solution to this problem. A solution designed and built to address our frustrations, to ensure our resumes are not rejected and that we receive job matches that meet our criteria.

WorkForceConnexion is that solution. It combines all the services offered by the many job boards, staffing companies, etc. in one innovative, technology driven, virtual, on demand, full service staffing solution with no membership fees for job seekers!

Indra Turnbull, President and CEO of WorkForceConnexion says:

“Whether you are actively seeking or passively looking, WorkForceConnexion can help you find the right match for your skills and qualifications. WorkForceConnexion will match your profile to jobs in their extensive database using proprietary algorithms. With this process, recruiters find candidates that meet their criteria, and you only receive jobs that meet yours.

“Our subscribing companies have faith and trust in WorkForceConnexion’s process and our commitment to only present candidates who meet their requirements and who are sincerely interested in the position and company. They take the interested candidates list seriously as a first-hand referral and do not thrust into the deep bottomless Applicant Tracking System pit from which they will never rise.

“Technology is the backbone of our WorkForceConnexion recruiting solution but highly accomplished and experienced HR, search and technology entrepreneurs and professionals are the heart.”

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