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The top four leadership trends for HR managers in 2017

So what will leaders be focusing on in 2017?

Leadership trends change every year, and it is important for leaders to stay up to date with the latest trends so that they can be inspiring and efficient leaders.

Experts believe that leadership will be mostly focused on the needs of the employees. A recent study has found that one of the biggest problems affecting the workforce is employee burnout. Employees say that this is caused by a combination of long hours, excessive overtime, poor pay and unfair workloads. These are problems that can only be fixed by a leader, and fixing them will improve employee engagement and productivity.

If you want to make sure that your employees are happy and productive this year, check out these leadership trends that HR managers will be following in 2017.

The office will become more digital

Technology is an increasingly important part of the workplace, and most executives believe that digital will start to have a big impact on their sales over the next few years. Due to this, many HR leaders are trying to bring in more digital and technological experiences for their employees. This can benefit the company in lots of different ways. It encourages employees to develop a modern and innovative mind set, and the technology itself will benefit the company in numerous ways too.

Employee happiness will be prioritised

Employee burnout is one of the biggest problems currently facing the workforce, and experts predict that HR managers will be focused on trying to fix this issue in 2017. In the past, many companies only looked at their customer service experience, but now many will also be looking at their employee’s experience of working with them. This will hopefully drive up employee engagement and recruitment.

Companies will do this by speaking to employees to find out what matters the most to those employees. This is because employee satisfaction is often linked to the overall success of the company. If the employee is unhappy their motivation will dip, so they will produce less work, and the work they do produce will be of a lower quality.

Companies will alter their perks and benefits

In today’s society employees expect more from the companies that they work for. Lots of employees look for companies that offer sabbaticals and career progression opportunities, and they are unlikely to start their career at a place that doesn’t offer either. This means that companies will be altering their employee perks to make the role more tempting.

Team building will be prioritised

Team building was important a decade or so ago, but companies have spent the last few years focusing on individual employee happiness. In 2017 companies will be looking at both the success of teams and individuals, and they will offer support and assistance to people who work mostly in a team environment.

This makes sense. Most companies rely on teamwork to produce excellent results, and teams that work well together are more likely to produce excellent results.

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