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The easiest ways to motivate your staff

Your staff are your greatest asset, but how can you motivate them when everyone is different?

When reviewing business performance and considering what improvements could be made to improve productivity and efficiency, motivating the workforce is often overlooked in strategic planning.

When morale is high and staff feel appreciated, are enthusiastic for the business and feel engaged and part of the process, they are likely to be more productive. This impacts on the bottom line and facilitates a much happier working environment.

Studies show that it is not just remuneration for hours worked that motivates people in the workplace. An employer who inspires staff and makes them feel enthusiastic is more likely to see positive results. Some people respond to kindness, while others appreciate consideration of their wellbeing.

More enlightened business owners are aware that it is not just good wages that help to attract and maintain a motivated workforce, also recognising that people feel good when they are praised for the work they do. To know you are valued and to be made to feel valued has an amazing impact on morale.

To get a treat every now and again at the company’s expense as a reward can be a tremendous morale booster. Some companies have taken their staff to a sports event, or to the theatre, or for a pamper day out, which has shown to have a huge impact on morale. It also sets the company apart from the competition, which can help with staff retention in addition to being motivational.

Creating a good working environment is also a key motivator. You don’t have to go to the lengths that some of the multi-million dollar industries do, such as providing comfy sofas, computer games and free food, but creating a relaxed, comfortable, happy environment has been shown to make a difference to morale.

This does not have to mean expensive gestures; therefore, it is worth looking at what would work in your company. This could be something as simple as installing a fancy coffee maker or providing fresh fruit each day.

Being given responsibility and being involved in decision making can make staff feel trusted, which can also be very motivational. Giving staff the opportunity to challenge decisions and encouraging them to come up with ideas for improvement are also good ways to engage the staff in the running of the business. Making them feel as though they have a vested interest in the success of the company can be really motivational.

Providing an environment in which people can grow and develop their careers is also a good motivator for ambitious employees; otherwise, they may feel stuck in a rut. To establish their potential, regular monitoring and evaluation is essential.

Regular monitoring and evaluation of employee satisfaction is, in fact, key to ensuring a company knows whether its staff morale is high and to enabling new measures to be introduced to prevent any decline that may eventually impact on the business’s profit.

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