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Seven essential tips for interviews

We have all been there - the nervousness, perspiring palms and shaking legs

Attending a job interview is one of the most stressful experiences of our working life; however, there is a trick that all HR experts know and don’t often share with candidates – you can follow seven tips to help you ace interviews every time.

Some of the top recruiters and interviewers have devised a ‘Secret Seven’ list for anyone heading into an interview for their dream job. Follow the list below to do everything possible to optimise your success rate when applying for a new job.


Pre-planning is essential for the big day. Many people are so nervous when they are about to head to the interview that they forget the basics.

Plan in advance and make sure you know where you are supposed to be, what parking facilities are available and the name and location of your interviewer. Having this information to hand when you set off removes a great deal of stress, enabling you to concentrate on the interview itself.

Take prompts

Before your big day, take time to prepare some key details about the role, the organisation and its history. Write out some notecard prompts and make sure they are ordered and to hand. No interviewer minds a candidate using a crib sheet to make sure they sound knowledgeable and authoritative about the role and the firm to which they have applied.

Pen and paper

You are going to be told a number of facts in rapid succession in the interview about the role, the organisation and your future responsibilities. There is nothing worse than turning up and having to ask for a pen and paper.

Appearance essentials

Appearances count when you first meet a potential employer, so make sure you pack a few essentials to keep yourself feeling smart, tidy and professional. These will vary depending upon gender and personal preferences, of course, but a comb and other necessities will mean you can stay smart as you complete the interview and increase your confidence through a positive appearance.


Interviews are a two-way process. You will be asked whether you have any questions and knowing exactly what you want to say before this point will help you to seem knowledgeable, interested and enthusiastic. Prepare well in advance by researching the firm as much as possible so that you can shape your questions at the end of the interview.

Your CV

Even if you are not asked for it at the interview, having a copy of your CV to hand will help you to reference past roles and experience and to answer questions clearly and effectively.

Positive attitude

This is the biggest thing you can ‘pack’ within your list of essentials. Keep your confidence high, be positive and you will be well on your way to a successful new job. Give yourself a pep-talk before you step into the room and remember that if you have been invited to the interview, it is because you are already equipped to do the role.

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