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Improve your company’s diversity with these 9 tools

New apps are available for tech businesses aiming to draw more minority and women candidates, creating a blind hiring processes

White males dominate most tech companies and there are many debates as to what causes this, including hostile workplaces, hiring issues and pipeline problems. Many studies demonstrate that workplaces benefit from being diverse, including better returns on investment.

To make sure an organisation is increasing its blind hiring processes and is hiring the right candidate, regardless of their gender or race, here we look at 9 tools that companies can turn to.

1 – Blendoor

Hiding a candidate’s photo and name, this app promotes blind recruiting to fight unconscious biases people have when hiring. The app also shows candidates more about a company, including the diversity of the executive leaders. Candidates’ behaviours are also analysed to provide recommendations for their career and skills development.

2 – Door of Clubs Diverse Talent Identification Platform

Providing an online dashboard for recruiters, this app enables them to search for and communicate with a wide range of different students with specific skills. Recruiters can base their search on gender, location, graduation year, major, school, minority groups and skills, keeping in touch with the students until they graduate.

3 – Unitive

Another app that has been established to remove a hiring process’s unconscious bias, Unitive helps recruiters to create job postings that attract a variety of applicants before structuring the job interview in a way that will focus on the specific qualifications of a candidate.

4 – SAP Success Factors

This program assesses an employee’s potential objectively; in addition, it is designed to help leaders with performance management and an upcoming version will flag gender bias issues to managers.

5 – Textio

This software analyses the hiring outcomes and job postings of over 10,000 companies using machine learning. Using these patterns, it can predict how successful a company’s job posting has been, whether the position will be popular, and whether the listing language is gender-biased.

6 – GapJumpers

Job applicants’ work performances are evaluated based on audition challenges rather than their CV in this platform. Those who perform well are then viewed by the hiring manager. With no other information supplied before the actual interview, this creates a blind audition process.

7 – Entelo Diversity

Companies can search for underrepresented groups based on veteran, ethnicity and gender status using this recruiting platform. This gives a more objective view of what these candidates can do for a company and also helps managers to send targeted emails using a candidate’s profile.

8 – Piazza Careers

Starting out as a technology class discussion, this platform allows hiring managers to search for job candidates by asking relevant questions. They can also send messages to the candidates they think will be suitable and can target minority students and women.

This platform allows interviewees to practise their interview skills with engineers who have worked for tech giants such as Microsoft, Twitter and Google. The interviewers do not know anything about the person beforehand, with candidates scored on their technical and communication skills.

9 – HRx Technology

Creating blind applications, this online recruitment service removes any information from a candidate’s profile that could result in discrimination, including previous workplaces, schools attended, gender, race and name. Hiring managers can then search through the profiles.

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