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Improving the candidate recruitment experience

Improving your company’s candidate recruitment experience does not have to be a difficult task

The candidate recruitment experience is often overlooked during the recruiting process; instead, HR teams focus on efficiency, technology and application process. This could be a huge mistake.

Everything your company does, from the applicant tracking system to the training process, affects candidates and new employees – and most candidates do not seem to be happy. Candidates who are applying for jobs today often complain about the recruitment experience and wish that recruitment would change; however, it is up to the companies to make the changes.

Here is everything you need to know about improving the candidate recruitment experience.

The problems candidates are facing:

– An increase in applications

The recruiting world has changed considerably in the last decade. Technology has made it easier for candidates to apply for lots of jobs and companies are finding that they are dealing with more applications.

Another issue is that as it is so easy to apply for jobs, candidates will often apply for jobs that they are not qualified for as a hopeful shot in the dark. This means that companies must shift through hundreds of applications, many of which are not suitable. Rather than focusing on the applicants, they focus on trying to complete the task in a quick and efficient way; for example, many companies will use an automatic applicant system, which can mean that the best candidates are rejected due to small mistakes and the person who is hired is not always the best person for the job.

– Changes to the application process

Candidates are also complaining about issues with the application process. Many feel that they are expected to do too much before they are offered an interview; for example, some applicants will complete hours of tests and questionnaires but won’t ever hear back from the company. This can be very frustrating for the candidates and means they are likely to bad mouth the company in the future.

How to solve the problems

Recruitment teams need to recognise the problems that candidates are facing so that they can work on solving them. It is important for recruiters to improve each part of the application process, from application submission to the training of new employees. Automatic application systems may need to be altered and perhaps made smarter; in addition, it would be beneficial for recruiters to streamline the interview process so that all applicants who are considered receive support and feedback.

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