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Six pointers for performance review perfection

In this way, you will make a name for yourself as a great team player

With these six ideas for how to wow your boss and present your achievements in the best light, you will be so ready for your next performance review that you will be looking forward to it!


Make sure you use the opportunity of your next performance review to courteously question your workload. Now is the time to set or at least request realistic boundaries around your role and how much is laid on your plate.

Do not confuse this with laziness or lack of ambition. Your boss will appreciate your assertiveness and your ability to be realistic about your goals, as too many people try to impress in the workplace by taking on everything. They then fall victim to stress and end up being perceived as unreliable.

If you are honest about your capabilities now, you will reap the benefits in your next performance review, when you will be measured against realistic standards.


The purpose of your performance review is to measure your progress against the standards set for you when the last review took place. Preparing well does not mean cramming the night before the event; instead, note down the steps you have taken towards your targets every day. Keep this in your diary or in a journal and highlighting the most significant events and actions so that you can locate and recall them with ease when it comes to your review.

Problem solving

Make sure you raise problems that have arisen before they are raised by your boss. Take the opportunity to turn a negative into a positive by describing what you have learned from your mistakes and how you will do things differently next time. Demonstrate your growth mindset and model a mature and responsible attitude towards your own mistakes, taking ownership and not trying to gloss over them.


Try to foster a collaborative approach to goals. Rather than acting as though you need to reach your targets in isolation, forge partnerships with colleagues to meet the company’s objectives.

During your performance review, make sure you can demonstrate how you have contributed to the achievement of others’ goals in addition to your own; in turn, give credit to those who have helped you. In this way, you will make a name for yourself as a great team player who has the vision to incorporate personal and corporate goals as one shared endeavour.


What is your manager’s focus? Has your department been charged with making significant cost reductions? Are you streamlining your processes, or is there a specific financial target or a big project deadline looming?

Try to understand your manager’s goals and you will have a better idea of what he or she needs to hear from you. You can highlight the activities you have undertaken that best tally with the departmental goals.


Demonstrate your zest for life and your passion for your job and career. If you remain upbeat, positive and proactive, no matter what problems have occurred over the year, your manager will trust in your abilities to take the bull by the horns and drive through some positive changes.

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