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It’s possible: You can lure talent in with not much salary or benefits

News flash: Not all companies have the luxury of unlimited capital

A competitive salary and benefits package draw in top talent, but it’s not always possible to offer that in every situation. For this reason, it’s crucial to explore the best ways to attract talented individuals to your company in other ways.

Below are some tactics to lure in the best talent, regardless of whether or not you can offer the most in terms of monetary benefits!

1. Get employees involved

Collaborative hiring is one of the best, most underused ways to attract top talent. Use employee testimonials, group interviews, team photos and videos, and employee networks/referrals to supplement your sourcing efforts.

If everyone has a hand in the hiring process, you’ll also be attracting better fits for the existing work environment! Potential candidates are more likely to apply when they see true accounts of what goes on behind the scenes.

2. Promote office perks

Similarly to promoting who is in the office, promote the office itself. Do you offer a gym membership to employees? Will their desk have amazing views? Is there a coffee bar? The list goes on and on.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Candidates that are truly interested in the goals of your company are likely to be excited about these little details, allowing them to picture themselves working with you.

3. Clearly state company values and goals

In order to attract those candidates that are on the same page as your company, you need to showcase your company culture. Hiring for culture fit is often misconstrued as thinly veiled discrimination.

However, if you use the right tools to combat biases and promote actual goals and underlying values that your company wants to uphold, it is only an extension of your ideal hiring process. Differing opinions and backgrounds are encouraged. Just make sure to put tangible evidence of what your company believes and wants to achieve on a well-designed, user-friendly careers site.

Take what is happening internally (assuming that it’s positive and headed in the right direction) and showcase it externally. This will allow potential candidates to picture themselves working alongside you and your employees, making it harder to reject the job offer even if the salary is less than favorable.

Make up for it in likability and professional advancement perks!

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