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How better content marketing can help you get ahead in marketing recruitment

Here are four ways in which content marketing could help your recruitment efforts

Effective content marketing can be the differentiator between recruiters who secure the best marketing talent and those who struggle to attract and recruit the top workers around. 

Recruitment personas

Just as advertisers and marketing specialists develop personas to define the type of people they want to target, you can use a similar method to ensure you know what you really want from a candidate.

Your persona should include personality traits, ambitions, skills and experience, and personal interests. You can use this to produce a checklist that you can consult throughout the recruitment process.

From small screen to big talent

Talented people want to work for the best companies and video content can be an effective way of showing what your organisation has to offer.

Combined with social media, videos offer an easy-to-digest means of sharing information about your company’s culture, ethos, business methods and latest news, in addition to demonstrating a commitment to keeping everyone informed in the most dynamic and interesting ways possible.

Effective advertising

Simple SEO techniques can ensure that a vacancy is as visible as possible online. This is vital given that many people will use search engines in their job search. Think ‘search engine optimisation’ when writing your job advert, making sure to include important information such as salary and location and a very strong title for the job.

When writing your job description, try to keep it as specific as possible, explain abbreviations, use natural keyword inclusion, be truthful, and consider asking a creative writing specialist to assess what you have written.

Social media savvy

LinkedIn is the obvious choice when it comes to recruitment, but other social media channels can be very effective in increasing your reach in terms of marketing recruitment.

When it comes to LinkedIn, it can really pay to post a vacancy and optimise it to maximise your chance of recruitment success. If budget is an issue, you could post a vacancy on your own newsfeed and encourage your followers to like and share your ad.

You should also make use of social media to check out candidates, from their seriousness about working for your organisation to their personal interests and personality traits. A person’s social media history can tell you an awful lot, including any factors that may make them unsuitable for the role you have to fill.

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