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Video interviews: avoiding the pitfalls and securing the job

This is something we all have to get used to and here are a few tips to help you ace that video interview

While it is true that many of us prefer meeting in person for an interview, video interviews are on the rise and are set to increase in popularity over the coming years. There is undoubtedly something inherently awkward about video interviews – the physical barrier between yourself and the interviewer can make you feel distanced and perhaps make it more difficult to get your point across succinctly.


Always make a point of testing the equipment you will need to use before the specified time for your interview. You need to ensure that the technology you have is compatible with the tasks you will have to complete and that you are confident everything will work smoothly.

Ensure that you have completed any software updates and close all applications you won’t need to use. This means you won’t find yourself being distracted by any intrusive pop-ups and everything should run as smoothly as possible.


You need to make sure you can be both heard and seen clearly. Ask a friend whether you can video call them to test the quality of your connection, the clarity of your video and the volume of your sound. Being asked to repeat yourself constantly will interrupt your flow and is likely to frustrate your interviewer.

Be early

Signing in early to the platform you will be using and ensuring that all settings are correct will give you an extra confidence boost, ensuring you won’t be flustered when it comes to introducing yourself. This is the virtual equivalent of making sure you are early for a job interview to give yourself time to compose yourself and have a drink of water.


You may want to refer to a particular document or series of images in your interview, which can be tricky to do via video. A way around this is to email such documents to your interviewer in advance. Not only will this reduce the chance of confusion but also it will demonstrate that you are organised and able to think ahead.

Problem solving

Glitches happen. They are something we have come to expect, but this does not make them any less frustrating when they arise. If a glitch is not vastly affecting communication between yourself and your interviewer, it is best to simply carry on; however, if the issue is more severe, apologise and find a way around it.

This may mean restarting the application or turning off the video, but stay calm and don’t get flustered. It is not an ideal situation, but it can effectively demonstrate how you react under pressure.

Timing and location

Try to schedule your interview for a time when there will be no distractions. Ensure your background is plain, that you are comfortably seated in a well-lit location, and banish all babies, children and pets from the room.

First impressions

First impressions are so important. Make sure you are dressed appropriately, introduce yourself confidently, and remember it is likely that your interview will be recorded and shared amongst other senior figures in the business.

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