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Five of the best careers in the tech industry

Taking into account salary level, number of posts available, and the ‘career opportunity’ each job offered

If you are involved in HR or recruitment for technology posts, you may be interested to know which are rated the most desirable careers in this sector. Glassdoor – a fast growing recruitment site – recently surveyed people working in tech to find out which they rated as the best jobs, taking into account salary level, number of posts available, and the ‘career opportunity’ each job offered.

5 – Software engineer. Also known as computer programmer, this offers posts at a wide variety of different skill levels and complexity and there are plenty of positions available (49,270 at the time of the survey). With a median base salary level – excluding bonuses and other additional benefits – of $95,000 (over £75,000), this job had a satisfaction rating of 4.5 and offered career development prospects at level 3.3.

4 –  Product manager – the individual who coordinates and manages software development or IT product development. With a salary level of $106,680 (over £84,000), this is higher paid than number five but shares its satisfaction rating and career development prospect levels of 4.5 and 3.3 respectively. There were far fewer available posts for this role (6,607).

3 –  Mobile developer – the person who writes applications for mobile phones. This has a slightly lower median base salary at $90,000 (over £71,000) but a higher satisfaction score of 4.8. The career development prospects are also slightly higher, at 3.8; however, there were only 2,251 available posts.

2 –  Solutions architect – the person responsible for designing large, complex IT systems. The salary level for this role is $119,500 (over £94,500) and its satisfaction rating is 4.6; however, the career development prospects for this role are 3.5. There were 2,906 available roles of this description at the time of the survey.

At the top of the list, with a satisfaction rating of 4.7, is the career of data scientist. The function of this role is to collect and analyse the huge amount of data that modern tech systems can harvest and interpret for useful business insights. As might be expected, the median base salary level for this is quite high at $116,840 (just under £92,500) and career development prospects for this role are good at 4.1; however, there were fewer openings available (1,736).

If one of these roles crosses your desk, you will know just how desirable they are – based on the opinions of those fulfilling them – and will be able to offer some real insight

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