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Land your dream job by using these five networking opportunities

Being well connected and networking in the right way could get you exactly where you want to be

When it comes to landing your dream job, the saying ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ has never been more true.

This is not just an empty saying, with a recent survey revealing that 85 per cent of positions in the workplace are filled via networking. With this is mind, don’t leave it until the day you start looking for a job to network with people; instead, start now to be fully prepared for any future job search.

The following are useful networking opportunities you can use to boost your chances of landing the perfect job:


This business networking site is popular with recruiters and employers looking to connect with future employees and an essential networking platform for recruitment and job opportunities. Be strategic and consider linking up with people who work in businesses you would like to join in the future, and be sure to contribute wisely to discussions to enable people to get to know you. People are more likely to recommend someone for a job if they have communicated with them, even if they have never met them in person.


Many think of this as purely a newsfeed for the latest celebrity news and gossip; however, Twitter is full of serial networkers from all realms of the workplace and using Twitter chats is a good starting point for networking.

For graduates, @GradsHour is somewhere you can chat with recruiters and employers and discover more about certain roles in which you are interested. If you are unsure where to go to join in a chat, try using a hashtag in front of your industry, such as #engineering, #design or #technology, to find other like-minded people.


This fun site is a great way to meet people with similar interests to yourself; for example, engineers head to the engineering sites, graphic designers flock towards the design groups, and people keen on marketing can chat with other marketing professionals in another group.

Whatever groups you decide to join on Meetup, you will find yourself networking with like-minded people. By chatting with enough people, you may even be introduced to a future employer.

Industry and career shows

Networking is not all about online forums and internet sites, with industry-related shows providing a great opportunity for you to get out and meet people face to face in the industry in which you wish to work.

Make up some profile cards with a few interesting facts, a photo and your details, and don’t just hand out the cards; instead, strike up conversations before handing your card over and always request a card from the other person. Follow this up and try to develop a relationship, increasing your business-based network.

Business network

Attend your local business network to meet possible future employers. Employers at business events are welcoming to those who are actively job seeking, so search online for local business events to find this useful platform in your locality.

Never forget that networking is about relationship building and that this takes time; therefore, plan ahead and start networking today for a brighter future.

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