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One in seven HR leaders report automation / Artificial Intelligence is already impacting their workforce plans

According to findings from the Harvey Nash HR Survey 2017

The way businesses are planning their workforce is changing, and being impacted by the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation. 15% of HR leaders said their plans were being affected right now, and a further 40% believe this will happen within the next two to five years. This is according to the sixth annual Harvey Nash Human Resources Survey, representing the views of 1,008 HR leaders from over forty countries.

Technology as a whole is revolutionising how today’s HR departments are operating, with 60% of respondents saying the importance of Technology Enabled HR has increased within the past year. Over half of respondents understood that innovation for their organisation was ‘very important’, and the vast majority (86%) believe that HR has its own role in promoting and supporting innovation.

The current economic uncertainty is reflected in the decreased focus on training and recruitment as priorities. This year training and education was considered a priority by four percent fewer HR leaders than last year, with recruitment the drop was even greater at eight percent. Succession was also less of a priority, which may be explained by those in senior positions not being quite so keen to move on.

Lisa Wormald, director, Harvey Nash Group said: “It probably comes as no surprise that technology is seeping into the Human Resources department, but what is particularly striking is quite how many HR leaders believe that AI and automation are affecting their plans already. The good news is that HR is not only embracing this innovation, but is a key part of it.”

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One comment

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the article. I totally agree that technology is playing a huge part in today’s recruitment process. With an ever expanding candidate pool much is being done with regards to AI, scanning CV’s, automated chatbot’s and even sentiment analysis to see how sensitive or aggressive a potential candidate may be.

    This does not, of course factor in CV writing services which would play a huge part unless they were screened too and taken into account. I think AI is here to stay but just how much it can take on right now? Not as much as people would like in my opinion.

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