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Learn the secrets of Facebook’s incredible recruitment strategy

Facebook has earned an enviable reputation when it comes to recruitment of the best

It is no secret that Facebook is routinely ranked as one of the United States’ best employers. With around 13,000 staff spread across almost 50 global locations, this reputation is quite an accomplishment. The world’s largest social network is able to recruit and retain top-calibre employees around the world through a unique and creative recruitment and HR strategy.

One of the key drivers in Facebook’s strategy is whether a candidate is a fit with the culture and values of the organisation. In an interview with Business Insider, Miranda Kalinowski, Facebook’s global recruitment chief, explained that Facebook approaches finding new talent in the same way it develops new products or services – there has to be a genuine and deep connection for it to work. Regardless of the vacancy, Facebook looks for candidates who really want to make a difference.

Facebook invests heavily in its recruitment efforts, finding new and inventive ways to attract high-value candidates. While this is not a strategy many companies can afford, Facebook has been known to acquire businesses simply to acquire existing teams of employees.

On an individual level, there are no specific qualification requirements for any particular opening. Facebook sees the individual over and above pure educational results, meaning that a candidate who has not completed higher education can still flourish. Out of necessity in the tech sector, Facebook is a change-centred organisation and looks for staff who are happy to take risks and make mistakes. The company would rather get it wrong than get left behind.

Facebook has developed an incredible induction strategy for new recruits, involving a six-week intensive introduction to the organisation. New staff see a whole range of departments and projects, before choosing the team in which they would like to work.

The perks of working for Facebook are legendary, with Facebook taking this very seriously. From free meals and generous sickness terms to after-work social activities, Facebook develops its benefits to maximise retention and to foster an energetic, creative environment that benefits the whole organisation.

Recruiters and HR heads can draw valuable insights from Facebook’s novel HR and hiring strategies. Some key concepts to consider include:

  • See recruitment as similar to marketing. By identifying desirable candidates and then marketing the organisation to these candidates in a personalised approach, recruiters can become much more effective at attracting the best people. Facebook encourages existing staff to recommend friends for employment, for example, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg regularly speaks in schools and other organisations to get the Facebook message out to potential future candidates.
  • Be inventive with new ways to target and attract new staff. It is important not to stray from a company’s key goals and identity; however, finding clever new ideas for recruitment drives can reap big rewards.
  • Don’t see recruitment as a reactive activity that only takes place when business development or staff turnover make it necessary. By always being open to new candidates, an organisation can source top talent whenever it presents itself.

By challenging accepted wisdom in recruitment and being willing to take risks, other companies can learn a great deal from the Facebook approach.

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