Nations’ dream summer jobs revealed

New data from CV-Library explores the top 15 summer jobs in the UK

As we enter peak summer season, there’s no doubt that being stuck indoors during the recent heat wave made many Brits reconsider their job prospects. But, for some lucky workers, their job means they are able to lap up the good British weather all summer long.

In light of this, CV-Library has surveyed over 2,600 UK workers to find out what their top 15 desired summer jobs are:

  • Music Festival Steward (14%) –What’s better than clocking off at the end of the day and watching your favourite bands for free – and there’s hundreds throughout the summer to choose from!
  • Travel Writer (9.8%) – Fancy being paid to document your travels? Being a travel writer can open you up to exciting new experiences that you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to enjoy.
  • Dog Walker (9.8%) – Getting out in the sunshine while bonding with dogs – what more could a pet-lover want?! And that’s not to mention the health benefits too.
  • Bartender or Waiter (8.9%) – A great way to make extra money and meet new people – plus the flexible hours can be appealing.
  • Gardener (7.7%) – If you love being outside and you can’t imagine working behind a desk then this job is probably right for you.
  • Summer Camp Counsellor (7.3%) – Love the outdoors? Great with kids? You could be well suited to working in a summer camp, especially if you don’t mind spending time away from home.
  • Zookeeper (7%) – If you dream of working with animals, this could be the ideal role and you’ll likely spend a lot of time outdoors, no matter what the weather!
  • Yacht Staff (5.9%) – Sailing the seven seas, while topping up your tan? Sounds about right – though remember, you will have to put some graft in!
  • Lifeguard (5.1%) – Although it requires hard work, hours are flexible and there could be the opportunity to work on a beach or at an outside pool – ideal if the weather permits.
  • House Sitter (4.9%) – Fancy making money doing very little whilst staying in luxurious homes? With people jetting off throughout the summer, there are lots of opportunities to house-sit.
  • Ice Cream Vendor (4.4%) – When the weather’s good, this can be a pretty fun and fast paced job, just watch out for your waistline!
  • Fruit Picker (4%) – A healthier option to the above, this role promises outdoor working, and good pay during the peak summer season.
  • Water Sports Instructor (3.9%) – Another great way to meet people and get out in the sunshine, these job roles can offer rewarding long-term career paths.
  • Golf Course Caddy (2.9%) – While lugging around someone’s golf clubs can be hard work, it will definitely keep you fit!
  • Swimming Pool Assistant (2%) – A perfect role for the summer – especially if the pool is outdoors!

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, comments on the findings:

“While summer jobs are often viewed as a pre-curser to a more permanent position, all of the roles highlighted in our survey provide meaningful experiences that can offer promising career prospects or help workers to accelerate towards their chosen profession. Seasonal positions can also be a great a way for workers to expand on their personal hobbies, whether that be water sports, travel writing, gardening and so on, enabling them to take something that they really enjoy and work at it in an exciting job role.

“It’s clear that candidates are attracted to the flexibility that many of the roles highlighted in our research have to offer, as well as the opportunity to work outside when the weather is good. There are plenty of exciting job opportunities out there at the moment and for some workers, having a seasonal job could be the ideal next step in their career.”

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