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The 8 most outrageous comments from managers

For some unlucky people, there's a time in their careers when they have to endure a rather unfortunate period with a lousy manager

Card company, CCA Christmas, has revealed the top 8 most shocking comments that people have ever received from their manager, and they’re absolutely scandalous.

Although some of them are quite amusing, there’s something we can learn from each of these:

1. “Don’t ever turn up to work without make-up on again.”

Although maintaining a neat and tidy appearance at work is of paramount importance, it must be emphasised that women do not need to wear make-up if they don’t want to. Suggesting that a woman ‘tart herself up’, so to speak, risks getting a manager into murky waters.

2. “You’re like an elf on crack.”

A lot of us get into the Christmas spirit around the festive season, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, comparing your colleague to someone that is high on a psychoactive drug may not be the most flattering analogy to make.

3. “You should take as much pride in your job as you do with your nails!”

This particular derogatory comment is rather sexist, and definitely suggests they’re not very good in their current role. Criticising someone’s work ethic, whilst suggesting their vanity comes first, is not a wise move at all.

4. “Not everyone is talented. At least you look pretty!”

Unless you want to be reported to HR, it’s probably best to refrain from making comments about people’s appearances – even if it is a backhanded compliment.

5. “You’ve got great potential for advancement here – although maybe in five or six years.”

Telling someone they’re not likely to be promoted from their current position for another few years may put them off from staying loyal to your company and convince them to look elsewhere.

6. “You strike me as the kind of person who should have gone to Oxford or Cambridge… but didn’t quite make it.”

Another backhanded compliment – although insinuating that the recipient is somewhat intelligent, this also implies they’re a bit of failure. Making disparaging comments about a person’s intellect is a definite no-no.

7. “Your success or failure has no impact on me!”

This not only suggests that the manager who said this has no particular interest in the development of their employee, but also implies they don’t actually care if they fail – since it will have no direct consequence on them. This goes against the whole point of having a manager in the first place.

8. “Nobody is getting a Christmas bonus this year because the CEO spent it on hookers.”

Aside from the fact that the boss of a company has blown other people’s bonuses on personal expenses, prostitution is completely illegal and could potentially land the CEO in jail! It goes without saying, that it’s always best to avoid illegal activity inside or outside of work.

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