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Looking to become a great leader? Follow these tips from the top

If you are concerned about your ability to convincingly lead your team, here's a few tips that will help you on your way

Management can be a daunting and overwhelming role, especially if you are trying to establish yourself within a new team, with earning trust and inspiring individuals within your team vital to success. It is important to allow yourself to celebrate and to remember that you secured the role over other candidates for a reason.

Establish your style

Fake it until you make it. You may feel as though you are out of your depth, but acting like the leader from the beginning is important.

Introduce yourself to everyone in a confident manner and listen to what every member of the team has to say. Spending some time considering your values and leadership style before you start will set the tone and give your team a figure to look up to.

Truth and trust

If you believe that change needs to happen to move forwards, being honest with your team is the first step. Ensure each member feels as though they are part of the process and it is likely they will accept the challenge. Similarly, it is important for you to trust that your team is on your side and is working towards the targets you have set.


Think big, even if it will be many years before your goals can be fully achieved. If you have a clear and exciting vision for the future, your passion and drive will be motivating factors for your team. Ensure your goals are realistic and break them down into smaller targets so that everyone is able to understand where they fit in and what they need to do.

A united front

Your team needs an established figure to look up to, but you should not appear distant or unapproachable. A message of teamwork must be communicated, with every team member feeling confident enough to freely approach senior management.


Letting people make their own mistakes is important, as this is how we learn and improve. Your project may be time sensitive but not letting individuals’ problem solve using their own initiative may impede progression and growth in the long term.

A decision maker

As the leader, you need to be able to make considered and efficient decisions, which may mean taking a few chances or stepping outside your comfort zone. Your team will appreciate a decisive leader able to stand by their convictions and is likely stand by you, even through difficult times.

Passionate enthusiasm

Your clear vision for the future will only be enhanced if you allow yourself to demonstrate a level of passion and enthusiasm. Your team will feel motivated and inspired, which will increase productivity and the desire to reach the goals you believe can be achieved.

Innovation without ignoring the foundations

Creativity and progression are both important ingredients for success in a competitive business environment and your team will respond well if it is allowed to establish new practices and solutions; however, it is equally important not to forget the origins of the business and stay true to any established values.

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