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Master of your own destiny: 10 great reasons to leave a nightmarish job interview

The job interview is an environment like no other

You’re there to be instantly evaluated and judged by a panel of strangers in uncomfortable surroundings. You have to sell yourself without coming across as over-confident or arrogant, whilst systematically providing evidence that you really are the best person for the job.

Interviews tend to be considered as a one-way street and the onus is on you, the eager future employee, desperate to impress. What happens, though, when an interview takes a course which makes you know wholeheartedly that this isn’t the place for you? Can you really just get up and leave? Make your excuses and head for the door? Of-course you can, and here are the top ten reasons to do just that.

1 – The interviewer behaves like they’re doing you a favour, by sparing you their precious time. They halfheartedly regurgitate questions from a standard script, look bored at your responses and don’t have time for your questions. Run for the hills.

2 – Make your excuses when it becomes clear the job pays far less than advertised and with awful working hours. If the firm mislead you from the beginning, they don’t deserve you.

3 – They insist on you paying for a background check. CRBs and similar tests should always be paid for by the employer.

4 – ‘You’ll receive full training’, but you won’t be paid. Training is part of the working day and you must be compensated for it.

5 – Head for the exit if you’re informed that part of the job is to promote and sell company products to friends and family. No job is worth falling out with your nearest and dearest.

6 – There are instances where companies insist you pay for office equipment. Office space, line rental, conveniences. Politely stand and exit stage-left.

7 – ‘I’m sorry but the position has been filled, but people are always leaving so I’ll call you in a week or two’. A high turnover of staff usually happens for a very good reason. Tell them not to bother and depart.

8 – They inform you that benefits are not included in the salary package. Businesses are nothing without their staff and this shows that they don’t really care about their employees.

9 – Part of the interview is a full-day’s unpaid work to see if ‘you’re suited to the position’. Thanks, but no thanks.

10 – You just feel uncomfortable with the atmosphere of the place. You may have been left waiting for an unacceptable amount of time, one of the panel is rude and obnoxious, the overall vibe is just not for you. It’s your life and career, so feel free to leave at any point.

A firm handshake, look directly into their eyes and say something along the lines of, ‘I appreciate you taking the time today, but it is evident that this position isn’t for me. I wish you all the luck for the future’. With that, you vacate the building safe in the knowledge that you are the master of your own destiny.

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