Signs your job is getting in the way of your earning potential

Do you recognise any of the following signs?

Regardless of your salary and title, you may not only be damaging your own wellbeing in the short term but also your long-term earning potential if you are not happy in your current job.

The job was supposed to be a stopgap

When you are between jobs, financial and other pressures make it very difficult to hold out for a job you really want and deserve. This is why many people take a job with the view that it is only temporary, only to become reliant on the salary.

If you continue to simply go through the motions and do the bare minimum, you are clearly not engaged or personally invested in the job. This is likely to damage your reputation and any future references you may get; therefore, the best thing to do is try to move on as soon as possible.

You don’t agree with your employer’s corporate vision

Perhaps your company has recently rebranded, or new management has taken over. This can mean an overhaul, including a change of direction that leaves you feeling uncomfortable. If you relate to this, you may want to rethink your current position, as you are unlikely to feel motivated to be at your best when you have no passion for the company’s new focus.

You are not getting credited for your hard work

It can be particularly difficult when it is your boss or manager who is stealing your thunder. Whilst the odd occurrence can be swept under the carpet, you are likely to feel huge resentment if this happens repeatedly or you are overlooked for a deserved promotion. If this is the case, it may be time to start looking elsewhere.

It is getting a little too easy

Whilst feeling comfortable and at ease at work is highly prized, it does not help your career when you plateau for too long. There is a good reason why many employers request that you plan where you would like to be in the next five years – they also want you to keep improving. When this happens, you may need to consider even a horizontal move to keep you on your toes and your career on track.

Your employer’s public status has plummeted

Working for an employer with a bad reputation can hurt your future career, as your association with the company can be very negative and your character and particularly your trustworthiness may be called into question. If this happens to you, think about your role in the company and how you can describe it positively to any future potential employers; however, it is likely that the shorter your time with this employer, the better.

Your job has no impact

Even if you enjoy your job, it is unlikely that you will be able to progress any further within the company if you feel that your work does not add anything or positively affect the business in any way. You may be frequently overlooked and be given scant opportunities to demonstrate your individual skills; if so, it is a good idea to start looking for better prospects elsewhere.

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