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10 top reasons to choose an apprenticeship

Let’s look at the 10 top reasons an apprenticeship could be the best post-16 step for you

If you are a budding professional who wants to gain practical experience, increase your opportunities in the job market and show potential employers that you have what it takes, an apprenticeship is the perfect first step on the career ladder. 

1. Earn while you learn

As an employee, apprentices will have the same opportunities as other colleagues and earn a wage. The average apprentice earns a weekly wage of £170, which will increase as your experience increases.

As confirmed by researchers, apprentices earn £4,000 more in their first job after qualifying than university graduates.

2. No debt

The cost of going to university means that students who graduate in 2018 will have accumulated an average debt of £30,000. As an apprentice, your employer will pay you a wage while you learn, meaning you will receive a qualification debt-free.

3. Low or no cost

Moreover, the government will fund 100% of your qualification if you are aged between 16 and 18. The government will also cover 50% of the cost if you are aged between 19 and 23.

4. Realistic and relevant experience

Apprenticeships are structured programmes created with guidance from employers. They are designed to support you in gaining your qualification.

You will study at a local college, or with a specialist training organisation, and learn from experienced employees in the workplace.

5. Guidance and support

During each step of your apprenticeship, you will receive support from your training organisation, in addition to your employer, to ensure the training provided takes into consideration what skills you require for your aspiring career.

6. Building your CV

An apprenticeship will increase your career prospects, as affirmed by 80% of apprentices. Since you will spend the minimum of one year in your chosen industry, you will develop a range of transferable skills and practical experience that will appeal to potential employers.

7. Expand your contacts

As your apprenticeship will last at least one year, you will establish professional relationships with managers, colleagues and clients. Building positive relationships can benefit you greatly in your future career, such as if you need mentoring or are seeking further opportunities.

8. Gain a nationally-recognised qualification

During an apprenticeship you will achieve a work-based qualification. There are a staggering 1,500 positions in 170 different industries, which means an abundance of qualifications on offer.

Apprenticeships have three levels:

1 – Intermediate apprenticeships (level 2).
2 – Advanced apprenticeships (level 3).
3 – Higher apprenticeships (level 4 and above).

9. Progress within a business

You do not have to stop at the higher apprenticeships level; instead, you can continue and work towards a degree. Furthermore, if you impress your employer during your apprenticeship, this could lead to a full-time role within the company and open many doors in the future.

10. Being a valued member of the team

You won’t be used to make the tea or do the filing; instead, you will be a member of a supportive team. Your employer will train you to build the necessary skills that will enhance your career prospects.

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