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First salary calculator launches on Amazon Echo

The new voice-based application is available as of today on the Alexa Skills Store has launched SalaryBot Salary Calculator on the Amazon Echo, the first Alexa skill of its kind, to calculate take home pay from gross salaries. 

The smart speaker launched in the UK in autumn 2016 and has since seen rapid adoption. A survey published earlier this year by commercial radio industry body Radiocentre, claimed that over 9% of UK households own an Amazon Echo and suggested this number could grow to as much as 40% by early 2018.

SalaryBot Salary Calculator joins a growing number of applications now accessible on the Amazon Echo. The latest figures confirmed by Amazon indicate there are now more than 15,000 skills available.

Chris Bell, developer of the application, commented “Developing the calculator for a voice oriented platform was a real challenge. The calculator deals with a lot of information, which isn’t a natural fit for a voice based interface. It became a battle between end user convenience and functionality. The whole area is still quite new so I’m certain the tool will adapt as we learn how users like to interact with the skill.”.

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  1. This is an tool that gives engineers a chance to look at run of the mill compensations over the business. The ascertained outcomes depend on five variables: area, instruction, years of expert coding knowledge, designer sort, and advancements utilized professionally.

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