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Is it time to fire some of your employees?

Evaluating your team and how they fit in should be an activity that you carry out regularly

However, eliminating some people from your workforce could be one of the best things you do for your business, and your company culture.

There are obvious scenarios when members of staff should be given the heave-ho. If they have done something bad, for example, then they should rightly be shown the door. However, there are times when some workers have not necessarily done anything wrong or bad as such, they just no longer fit well with your company culture, or never really did in the first place.

In other cases, some workers might not be contributing as much to the company as others. Their morale, motivation or enthusiasm might be low, and they might not share the same values or goals as the rest of the team.

When coaching fails

Hiring new members of staff is a costly expense for companies, so in most cases, you will want to retain your workforce for as long as possible. Firing someone should always be the last resort. However, if you have identified workers who do not align with your company culture or goals, or are apathetic to their work, allowing the situation to fester without taking any action could damage your brand.

In this case, you need to identify the problem, make it known to the member of staff and set about trying to rectify the situation through coaching or training. Only if the coaching or training fails to make an impact on the worker’s behaviour or attitude should you then consider letting them go gently.

No hard feelings

If you have tried and failed to get rogue workers to toe the line according to your company culture and goals, you should not feel guilty about firing them. Anyone who does not align with your vision is a threat to your company’s existence. If you operate in a competitive market, having staff on board who are not up to scratch is detrimental to the success of your operation, so even if you like the person you are releasing, there is no room for sentimentality in the cut-throat world of business.

Moreover, you might actually be doing someone a favour by firing them. Although they might not be too happy about the predicament when you dish out their P45, in the long-term, it could be the best decision you make, for yourself – and for them. Staff members who do not fit in with your company culture might be better suited in another working environment more appropriate to their personality. They will feel happier and more motivated, and this will show in their attitude and their work performance.

Although getting rid of staff might not be something most managers relish, it certainly has its merits in some situations. Evaluating your team and how they fit in should be an activity that you carry out regularly, as your company culture and its values and goals change over time.

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