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Want to earn big? Look at these jobs

Do you want to know what kind of job will yield the highest income right now?

Although this list could probably include a wealth of tech jobs, we have considered a variety of industries.


It will come as no surprise that Managing Directors or CEOs are making the top of this list with an average salary of £91,000. Managing Directors are responsible for the company and orchestrate the overall business strategy.

Traditionally, this would require a degree and an MBA although a few notable CEOs have managed without. Leadership and decision-making skills are top of the list for this job.

Marketing and Sales Director

Around £75000 is what you could earn as a Marketing Director and skills in marketing and sales will stand you in good stead for any organisation. You could implement a new marketing system, thereby increasing sales for the business. However, it’s highly competitive and marketing or business degrees will be advantageous, as will experience gained in the industry.

Financial Planning and Analysis Manager

Financial Managers can earn around £66000 and provide financial support as well as strategic advice to help the business flourish. You need to know your legislation and ensure company compliance. It is recommended that you have a degree in law or business, and you would need accountancy qualifications for this role.

Aircraft Pilots

You need full-colour vision as well as an Airline Transport Pilot License. If you think you have what it takes for this career, you could earn around £64000 and as a consultant, you could earn even more. After A levels, you can train for your Commercial Pilot’s Licence as well as the Airline Transport Licence from a legitimate CAA authorised training school.


For around £59000 you would be caring for patients suffering from mental health issues and would identify and implement the appropriate treatment. It can be challenging work and deep empathy and great communication skills are prerequisites. Its common to specialise in a particular disorder or for a specific group of people.

Security Architect

As 2018 saw GDPR come into force, jobs in cybersecurity have become even more relevant. This is a vocation which continues to rise in stature. Security Architects can earn around £57000. In this job, continually learning is paramount so that systems can be tailored to stay ahead of the threats.

Air Traffic Controller

For around £53,000 you could help to keep more than 200 million people in the sky safe. This is a multi-tasking role where you organise the landing and take-off significant numbers of aircraft simultaneously. Although a degree is not a prerequisite, a maths or computing based one might help as the recruitment processes is tough.


This list would not be complete without the legal sector. Barristers are self- employed and earn from around £50,000. They often specialise in a certain area such as family or contract law. You need a law degree and post-graduate training, followed by vocational training and a pupillage.

Whatever path you choose to follow, there can be some high earning potential but usually not at entry level.

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