Recruitment Qualification – Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks (Part One – Enrolment)

My name is Brian. How do you do? I have been a recruitment consultant for 16 years

Although I am a regular blog writer for Scantec, I feel that this series of blogs needs to begin by taking a few steps back.

My name is Brian. How do you do? I have been a recruitment consultant for 16 years. It sounds a long time, right? However, rather than being an affliction, this is something I am very proud of. Over this time, I have amassed a great deal of industry knowledge, legal background and lots of other information that ranges from crucial, to defunct and downright useless.

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I undertook a formal recruitment qualification 14 years ago with the Recruitment and Employment Confederation but in all honesty, my main tools of the trade then were a filing cabinet full of CVs and a fax machine. I was still yet to encounter the science fiction world of computerised databases, e-mail and Internet job boards.

Scantec offers all new recruitment consultants a full training package which is delivered by our in-house Training and Development Manager, Nikki Cross, but we also offer the chance to undertake the Certificate in Professional Agency Recruitment, a course that is offered by the Institute of Recruiters; an industry led professional body providing guidance, training, education and networking opportunities to those working in recruitment and HR.

As an IoR centre of excellence, Scantec was the first company to have its employees gain this qualification, and its formal yet highly practical format is extremely well regarded within the company.

Due to the success of the training and qualification, the chance to undertake the course was opened to all recruitment staff at Scantec so I decided to take the plunge and sign up for the course.

Unlike my previous qualification which was more of a home-based, book reading exercise with an exam at the end, this is a far more intense course with home learning, and trainer led sessions coupled with a requirement to deliver written assignments. The course covers 7 key areas, including:

  1. Understanding the Recruitment Market
  2. Understanding Recruitment Operations
  3. Specialist Recruitment Techniques
  4. Understanding the Principles of Assessing People
  5. Understanding Sales for Recruitment
  6. Understanding Relationship Management in Recruitment
  7. Understanding Legal and Ethical Requirements in Recruitment.

Within each of these areas are certain key topics that will be studied, requiring the production of a comprehensive assignment.

Having actually typed all of this out it is now starting to occur to me that I have agreed to undertake a huge amount of work outside of working hours and this has triggered a lot of questions such as “where will I find the time?” “is my knowledge sufficiently up to date” and my particular favourite – “am I too old to be doing this.”

Over the course of the next six months, I hope to be able to answer all of these questions, and I will be writing regular blog posts to keep you updated with how the course is going.

Right then, time to go and back my books and sharpen my laptop, there is a lot of learning to be done.

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