A winning mentality key to success in recruitment

Recruitment business owners should put ‘people’ first - starting with ensuring they supply their teams with the right training

Recruitment businesses should be looking to build a culture where ‘winning’ matters if they wish to increase their market share says leading recruiter Wade Macdonald, in light of new research that suggests building a culture that is focused on winning is the most demanding challenge for leaders today.

In a study carried out by Deloitte University Press, respondents said that creating a culture that attracts and retains the best working talent is now their number one challenge.

To do this, the report stressed that business leaders need to create an environment where employees have the resources and flexibility to deliver the best results, which involves buying into a culture that gives them the opportunities to continue their professional development.

81% of executives agreed that companies without a winning culture are ‘doomed to mediocrity’, in a previous study by Bain & Company.

Dominic Wade, Managing Director of Wade Macdonald said: “If you want to build a business that is able to starve off competition and remain steadily ahead of the curve, then you will need to foster a working environment that converts happiness into a winning culture.

“Recruitment business owners should put ‘people’ first – starting with ensuring they supply their teams with the right training and – crucially – the right support so that they are always able to maximise their opportunities.

“Business after all is about building relationships with other people and all of our staff no matter what their position buy into ‘the team’ ethos and work towards a shared goal to the best of their ability.

“When goals are met, we celebrate our successes with each other, acknowledging that it is a collaborative effort. But key to maintaining a winning culture is pitching in with new, innovative ideas and accepting that change is sometimes needed to push the envelope – something we have achieved over the last two years to expand our operations.”

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