Five things employers can do to improve employee happiness

New CIPD survey shows that the majority of employees are dissatisfied with their jobs and has hit a two year low

The results don’t come as a surprise, the cost of living has risen and wages haven’t kept up. Job security means little in today’s economy and some job roles have become dull.  Put two and two together and it’s little wonder that employee satisfaction is so low.

Here are some simple suggestions of things you can do to improve the morale of your employees and spread positivity all round.

  • Pay fair wages. A total pay audit of your company may seem like a long and drawn out process, but it could in fact buy you a lot of goodwill with your employees and even some great PR.  Assess things such as the gender pay gap as well as the pay gap between junior and senior staff, ensuring you keep all salaries, bonuses and benefits fair across the board.
  • Look after the part-timers. Most women still opt to work part-time as the bulk of childcare responsibility still lies with them.  However, the study shows that part-time workers tend to be uncommitted and off the career ladder.  They are often given as much work to be done in three days as those employed in five & can be overlooked for salary rises and promotions.  Take care of these employees, they are just as valuable as those in fulltime employment.
  • Embrace flexible working. Studies have shown that employees who have some level of control over how and where they work are happier than those in a strict 9 to 5 office based regime.  As Peter Fleming puts it, “human beings thrive on mastery and self-development”. When we’re in charge of our own performance we’re likely to challenge ourselves more than when we’re working to someone else’s standards.
  • Look after your contractors. Zero hour contracts are on the up as companies favour them over traditional, permanent jobs. If you expect your staff to perform well and remain productive, then you need to think about how you can reward them in return.  A proper contract, good training and opportunities for promotion are all vital for loyal employees who will work hard and in turn, benefit your company.
  • Assess what your employees really want. The majority of the time, people want the ability to change things for the better, spend more time with their families, to feel appreciated and be rewarded appropriately for their productivity and hard work.  This is straightforward thinking, so why are so many companies so bad at it?

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