Recruiters with big connections will see their networks trimmed by LinkedIn

From July 18th, LinkedIn has changed the way it manages profiles with large networks

The 30,000 connections limit was initially set up to keep LinkedIn working smoothly for all members. Large networks have a negative impact on site reliability and member experience. To ensure site reliability, this limit cannot be increased or modified for members and so any connections after the 30,000 mark will be converted to followers only.

LinkedIn’s User Agreement requires that members only connect with individuals they know, as connections on LinkedIn are two-way relationships of trust. For LinkedIn members who want to reach a larger audience, LinkedIn provides the ability to “follow” a member, which allows members to read what you are sharing publicly on LinkedIn. There are no limits to the number of Followers you can have.

As an ongoing practice, LinkedIn recommends that you manage your connection list to only maintain connections with people you know and trust.  Remove anyone who you feel does not fit into your network.  If you have recently sent invitations, they are still valid, and the recipients can accept them once you are below the 30,000 connection limit.

This could be a good way to make our networks more niche and therefore more manageable, allowing you to connect and converse with your connections properly and on a more regular basis.

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