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55% of employers believe their lack of recruitment-credentials leads to them hiring the wrong candidate

86% of Businesses spend 10 hours overtime per week on recruitment

The survey of business decisions makers reported that 50% of respondents spend an additional five hours a week dealing with the hiring process, which suggests that instead of outsourcing to recruitment agencies, many are taking on the responsibility themselves.

This has a negative effect as 55 per cent of those surveyed believe that their lack of recruitment-credentials leads to them hiring the wrong candidates for their roles.

Over 40 per cent of people said they found it difficult to find a good quality candidate among a high volume of ‘average’ candidates.  As a result, 23 per cent are frustrated that candidates aren’t suited to the roles they have been placed into and thus the whole recruitment process starts again.

CEO of Search Party, Ben Hutt, said “The cost of working directly with a recruitment agency can often be prohibitive for small businesses, while the ‘post and hope’ approach of a job board can be a time intensive process that doesn’t get great results. The average time to hire via these traditional methods is 60 plus days, which simply isn’t acceptable.

“To counteract the frustrations faced with hiring, smart businesses should look at smart and innovative ways to build their team, harnessing technology to help them hire faster and at less cost, without sacrificing quality.”

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  1. Totally agree. Time is of the essence in most areas of business, but very much so when it comes to recruiting. Exploring ways to get the RIGHT person hired within a timeframe which does not negatively impact the business should be the priority pretty much most of the time. Having the right recruitment technology in situ and then using this technology to its fullest capability is an area where opportunities exist to grow and improve.

  2. WOW, You just made my day! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. This is one content. But Amazing information and Knowledge… regards, Ddoverseas

  3. What amaze me is end client do not have right skills to recruit right people. So questions arise have they really done homework & ask real question to themselves what they are looking for, why there are looking for & what they will achieve in terms of project (if contracting) or valuable team addition (if contingent) placement. What I have witnessed that final decision maker needs a team of at least two max three. One focus on soft skills, one on technical knowledge & other overall personality how it suits company culture. Except technical there should be some leeway & +/- to other two like soft skills & culture which catches up…By doing this company can surely save fortune of money galloped by agencies.

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