Mothers forced out of jobs costs businesses £280 million each year

Working mothers who are forced out of their jobs are costing businesses millions each year

A new report has revealed that the losses to business were largely due to recruitment and training costs, as well as lost productivity. These losses could be even higher when reputational risks, employment tribunals, loss of valuable staff and longer-term productivity impacts are also included.

British women are losing up to £113 million a year when they’re forced to leave their jobs. This includes those who felt mistreated and so they had to leave as well as those who were dismissed or made compulsorily redundant.

The research finds that women who keep their jobs still report a financial loss due to pregnancy discrimination of up to £34 million in total over the following year. This is factored by not gaining a promotion, reduction in salary, being demoted or receiving a lower pay rise/bonus than they otherwise would have achieved.

Chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, David Isaac, said: “Those who discriminate by forcing working mothers out are shooting themselves in the foot and incurring substantial costs. Today’s research underlines that equality of opportunity for working mothers makes good business sense.

“The best businesses know already that ending discrimination and unlocking the talent of women in the workplace makes them stronger and more successful. We encourage all businesses to follow their lead by supporting working mothers and showing zero tolerance of discrimination.”

Business Minister, Margot James, said: “Not only is discrimination in the workplace illegal – it makes absolutely no business sense, with a significant cost to employers and a devastating impact on the careers of new mothers and pregnant women.

“I’d like to thank the EHRC for helping to shine a light on this issue which is a key priority of mine. Together we will raise awareness to prove all discrimination is both unacceptable and costly to employers.”

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