Using Facebook as Part of Your Recruitment Strategy

Make Facebook part of your recruitment strategy to find your next candidate.

24m Brits log into Facebook daily (August 2013 numbers) so having a presence to promote your agency and brand is vital. Making sure that potential candidates have easy access to your jobs, as well as maintaining a visibility on news feeds can be vital in sourcing that perfect candidate.  Here are some tips to help you with your strategy: Recruiters sharing jobs & splitting fees - IOR - The Recruiting Times

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Add your jobs to your page

Consider adding a careers tab to your page. Certain job posting distribution systems can be set up so that when you add jobs to the software, it will also add to your Facebook page. Having these jobs easily accessible to potential candidates will help attract job seekers.  External applications can also add jobs from your website to your Facebook page.


Share relevant and interesting information. Pictures and Images generally do better in attracting engagement, in terms of likes and shares. Give interview advice, infographics, and career advice as a way to make candidates coming back to your page, and increase your brand visibility.

You can also share relevant content about your industry – this way you can become a source of knowledge for businesses that you may want to target for leads.

Be responsive

Make sure that you keep an eye on your page and answer any questions or comments quickly. Social Media users expect a quick response to any enquiries and you may lose your dream candidate if you don’t answer them within a responsible timeframe.  It also helps you to build a relationship with any potential candidate.


If you don’t have a dedicated person who responds to Social Media you can schedule posts so that you can target your users at the right time. Users of Facebook are usually using the site in the evening, so target your posts at this time. You can see the times when you’re ‘likers’ are active on the insights and analytics part of your Facebook page. This way you can have a presence outside of office hours.

Targeted Ads

Use targeted Facebook ads to target the potential candidates in the demographics that you want, such as education, workplace and region. Targeting specific users will push your jobs and agency to users who may not know about your agency. The ads are Pay Per Click, similar to Google Adwords.

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