4 keys to hiring the right person at the right time

The right people for your business are essential to success

Forbes contributor, William Vanderbloemen, says that one of the things he has learned in his business helping faith-based organizations find their key staff is that hiring is not easy. It needs a well-planned out thought process and must be done carefully. You need to ensure the people who join your team are a good fit for you and that you are a good fit for them.

Here are four key things that Vanderbloemen says we should consider when making a hiring decision:

  1. Steadiness

Remain steady throughout the hiring process, “hire slow, fire fast.”  Know what type of employee you’re looking for and be prepared to stay steady in your candidate search. Consider different options and experiences from candidates. Don’t let urgency run the hiring process because you may make a poor hiring decision that may have a detrimental effect in the long run.

  1. Flexibility

Businesses must be flexible to adapt to the changing market, and your team must also be flexible as the organisation grows.  During the hiring process, question the candidate as to how flexible they are when faced with obstacles within the workplace. Do they see solutions in problems, or do they only see the problem? Are they agile and adaptable? If something unexpected comes at them, how do they respond? Unexpected things will happen, and you want people on your team who can handle it with agility and grace.

  1. Chemistry

Hiring someone who fits well and will thrive in your company culture is another key hiring decision.

Being competent at a job is important. However, skills can be taught, and people can be trained. Likeability is huge. Teams that get on with each other and have respect can accomplish more than you can ever imagine. Don’t hire someone just for what’s written on their CV. Hire them for chemistry and competency. One without the other is lacking. Throughout your hiring process, allow opportunities for the candidate to interact with multiple teams to assess their chemistry with members of the entire company.

  1. Potential

Hiring someone new comes with expenses and new costs – new salary, equipment, time spent on-boarding etc. New hires need to be a good financial value. Consider what potential they offer, what skills do they have that we can develop to add more value to the team? What do they bring to the table that no one else does, and how can that help build the business they’re joining? If they happen to offer more than one benefit, that’s a great sign. Not just because that’s a sign they’re probably a diverse, teachable person, but because the cost of hiring them is offset by their value.

Keeping these things in mind can help you make smart decisions when hiring. This in turn will save you money and time, but paying attention to these cues will help you add great people to your team who will be part of the big picture for the future of your business.

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