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The recruitment and staffing sector is now worth over £24.7 billion per year and post-recession there is potential for further growth within the…

Instructus Skills (Skills CFA) are happy to promote recruitment apprenticeships during this weeklong campaign. The recently launched Level 2 Intermediate Apprenticeship in Recruitment Resourcing completes Instructus Skills (Skills CFA) ’s recruitment apprenticeship suite, alongside the reputable Level 3 Advanced and Level 4 Higher Apprenticeships.

David Holland, Chief Executive, Instructus Skills (Skills CFA), said: “The recruitment industry is one of the most rapidly growing employment sectors in the UK, with thousands of opportunities opening up every year. That is why we have taken the time to shine the light on these apprenticeships. The level of interest and support we have received from employers and professional bodies on the recruitment apprenticeships, has given us huge confidence in their success. The coverage of the recruitment apprenticeships at Levels 2, 3 and 4 offers engagement at all levels, demonstrating the dedication of Instructus Skills (Skills CFA) to increase skills, education and professionalism within the Recruitment Industry”. Recruiters sharing jobs & splitting fees - IOR - The Recruiting Times

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The recruitment and staffing sector is now worth over £24.7 billion per year and post-recession there is potential for further growth within the industry. Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, said “Recruitment apprenticeships present the chance for employees to reach their potential, fulfilling their job roles to the highest standards possible through education and on-the-job experience. Raising the awareness of the Higher Apprenticeship in Recruitment is especially vital to maintaining London as a top global city, ensuring our workforce is proficient and world class. Employers should seize the opportunity to up-skill employees and lead the way as pioneers in quality training and development, but also the services they deliver”.

The recruitment apprenticeships will attract new talent offering a clear career pathway, as well as invaluable opportunities to up-skill the existing workforce. 82% of employers use apprenticeships to build the skills capacity within their business, as they offer flexible entry routes to develop the skills and knowledge required for a competent workforce.

In particular, the Level 4 Higher apprenticeship is helping to support the need for higher level skills developed.

The future economy will be shaped around high-value and high skill activities. This means that employment now and in the future will require more highly skilled people in an increasingly competitive workplace. The Level 4 Recruitment apprenticeship, aims to address the current skills gap in the market.

The apprenticeship has been developed with the support and help of the Recruitment Employment Confederation (REC), who first began discussing the idea of a Recruitment Apprenticeship with Instructus Skills (Skills CFA) in 2010. REC, and later the Institute of Recruiters (IOR), has provided the expertise and contact with the recruitment industry used to develop the apprenticeship, ensuring its content reflects the needs of the recruitment industry.

The Recruitment Resourcing Intermediate pathway, which was added in July 2014, was proposed and developed by Skillsfirst, in partnership with Instructus Skills (Skills CFA). The recruitment apprenticeships have been widely supported by other professional bodies, Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP), National Apprenticeship Service (NAS), My Apprenticeship+, Learndirect, Outsource Training, Capital International Staffing and the Greater London Authority (GLA).

Government funding is available to help companies take on an apprentice. Through the Apprenticeship Grant for Employers (AGE) of 16 to 24 year olds, employers that choose to grow their business through apprenticeships can access funding of £1,500. The grant is open to organisations employing up to 1,000 people that have never employed an apprentice before or have not recruited one in the past 12 months.

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